Millions of people in both developed and developing countries are living longer, more productive lives due, in part, to better healthcare and easier access to innovative medicines and vaccines.

Better healthcare, in combination with a myriad of technological advances, is also helping to improve the economic circumstances of many individuals and countries. Some people are still excluded as a result of poverty, lack of education, discrimination and other complex factors.


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key performance indicators
Research & Development
Top 20 global burdens of illness addressed by our products and pipeline1 53% 55%
GCP/PV audits by regulatory agencies of Merck or clinical trial investigators that led to significant fines, penalties, warning letters or product seizures 0 0
Initiated (new) licenses for new technologies 52 61
Narrative of compounds provided to Product Development Partnerships2 Online Online
Manufacturing & Supply
Product recalls in the United States 0 4
Countries we currently supply with our products 140 140
Local and regional manufacturing partnerships3 130 84
Products available via local and regional manufacturing partnerships NA 34
New product and device registrations4,5 334 437
Local regulatory agency GCP/PV training requests fulfilled that will help strengthen agency capabilities with their GCP/PV compliance oversight role6 Online Online
Products submitted that have achieved WHO prequalification (cumulative) 10 10
Products for which we have access pricing7 19 19
Countries where at least one product has intra-country pricing of public and private sectors8 49 49
Investment in patient- and provider-education programs $93.9M $91.1M
Community Investment
Healthcare workers trained through major programs and partnerships9 51,600 38,166
Investment in partnerships for activities to address underlying barriers to health, such as health system strengthening and capacity building10 $34.7M $23.8M
People reached through our major programs & partnerships9,11 255M 269M
1 As defined by the WHO and excluding accidents, premature births and self-inflicted injuries.
2 For information on product development partnerships, visit the “Partnerships” tab here.
3 The number of partnerships decreased in 2012 following the evaluation of the manufacturing capabilities needed to support and sustain our Access goals.
4 Data includes new products and new indications.
5 For information on new registrations by region, click here.
6 For information on local regulatory agency GCP/PV training requests, click here.
7 Differential pricing intended to facilitate access for the at-need population.
8 Countries with an MSD trading equity.
9 “Major” is defined as an investment by Merck’s Office of Corporate Philanthropy and/or The Merck Foundation of more than $300,000 per year and/or an engagement with a national government.
10 Includes investments by Merck’s Office of Corporate Philanthropy and/or The Merck Foundation; also includes funding for nutrition and access to clean water.
11 Includes treatments approved for river blindness and lymphatic filariasis through the Merck MECTIZAN® Donation Program.

Last Updated December 19, 2013