Because the talent, diversity and integrity of our people drive our success, Merck is committed to discovering more ways to create a workplace where our employees—and our business—can thrive.

We recognize the challenge of balancing professional achievement and personal well-being. And we understand that the more that’s asked of us as a business, the more we rely on our employees to advance our vision. We work hard every day to help employees succeed, by providing resources to improve their health and that of their families, and by providing more opportunities to get involved in the communities where they live.


Whether through a culture that values inclusion and encourages engagement, or through new programs and tools that advance our physical and emotional well-being, we are always working to make Merck an exciting place that the world’s best people are proud to be a part of.

key performance indicators
EMPLOYEES 2011 2012
Diversity & Inclusion
Executive roles held by women1,2 35% 31%
Women on the Board 17% 17%
Underrepresented ethnic groups on the Board 11% 25%
Underrepresented ethnic groups in the workforce (U.S.) 29% 24%
Response rate to Merck and MSD Voice Survey 63% 77%
Employees who completed the
health assessment (U.S.)
58% 58%
Overall turnover rate3 14% 11%
Lost-Time Injury Rate (LTIR)4 0.30 0.24
Recordable Injury Rate (RIR)4 0.74 0.59
Employees who took release time according to the global policy on employee volunteerism5 11% 15%
Volunteer hours5 213,000 221,000
1 Beginning with 2012, data reported for women are global; previously, this data was limited to the U.S.
2 “Executive” is defined as the Chief Executive Officer and two structural levels below.
3 Overall turnover incorporate all types of turnover, including restructuring.
4 LTIR/RIR: Calculated per OSHA methodology.
5 Figures are based on data collected, reported and estimated worldwide.

Last Updated August 1, 2013