Merck is committed to understanding the safety and environmental profile of the processes, chemicals and components we use to produce our products and to ensuring that potential hazards and risks are communicated and responsibly managed throughout the product life cycle.

Ensuring that our products are designed, used and managed safely and in an environmentally sound manner is one of Merck’s highest priorities. Our Product Stewardship program focuses on identifying and controlling potential safety and environmental hazards during the research, manufacturing, use and disposal of our products and the chemicals we use. We deliver on this commitment through actively pursuing initiatives to improve product stewardship, maintaining a highly trained and capable internal scientific community, and collaborating with other companies.

Our product stewardship efforts begin early in the development process and continue throughout the product life cycle. Merck scientists use green chemistry principles to reduce the environmental footprint of our products and our manufacturing processes. Extensive testing of our products is completed to identify and understand potential safety, health and environmental hazards. Safety and environmental risk assessments are completed throughout the product lifecycle, which drives adjustments to processes, facilities and management systems to maintain a high level of protection. Sound engineering principles are employed in the design of production facilities to ensure manufacturing operations are controlled.

The program extends to the consumer through the design of packaging that protects the product during transport and strives to minimize its own environmental footprint. Programs are in place to ensure compliance with chemical regulations as products and chemicals are transported, imported and exported. We also provide support to customers concerning product returns, and guidance on the disposal of unused medicines.

Last Updated June 30, 2014