We are committed to understanding and managing the environmental impacts of our products throughout their life cycles—from discovery through manufacturing, use and disposal.

To date, scientists have found no evidence of adverse human health effects from the trace levels of pharmaceuticals detected in the environment. Merck uses a risk-based approach to evaluate the environmental impacts of pharmaceuticals potentially entering the environment during their use, manufacturing or disposal. In most countries, an environmental risk assessment (ERA) must be conducted and submitted to regulatory authorities before a product can be placed on the market. Each product’s environmental safety profile must also be reassessed during periodic notification renewals. Because Merck markets products around the world, our products are assessed in a manner consistent with the most stringent applicable global regulations.

Merck supports the recommendations of the SMARxT Disposal Program, designed to educate consumers about how to dispose of medicines in a safe and environmentally responsible manner. SMARxT Disposal provides practical guidance on how to safeguard children and pets, and if necessary one’s identity, when disposing of medicines.

Last Updated July 23, 2013