At Merck, we strive to respect and care for the health and well-being of people and the environment in everything we do, while delivering lifesaving, innovative medicines to the world.




Our environmental sustainability efforts center on three areas:

Innovative Products & Packaging

  • Challenging our scientists, colleagues and partners to imagine, discover and develop products that address global health needs in ways that protect and preserve the environment
  • Working to minimize the life-cycle footprint of the packaging used to protect the integrity of our products

Sustainable Operations

  • Promoting ways to drive manufacturing efficiency and minimize the environmental footprint of our operations to preserve and protect the Earth’s natural resources
  • Striving to integrate sustainability into our business decision-making processes throughout the company, to make sure our activities support Merck’s “Be Well” mission not only for human and animal health but also for the environment

Sustainable Supply Chain

  • Partnering with suppliers throughout our value chain who share our vision and who are also striving for sustainable operations
  • Collaborating with suppliers to meet the shared needs of each of our businesses in more efficient ways with less environmental impact


Last Updated June 30, 2014